The journey is the step-by-step process that we will follow to make our movie. This journey is divided into five phases, the same ones that are used by traditional cinema to create a film: Development, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Exhibition/Distribution.

Each phase has a collection of NFTs which aims to raise funding and build a community by incorporating interactive mechanisms. All NFT collections are linked between each other.

1. Development

(Investigation, development of script and character, WEB3 financing plan/funding plan)


(1000 Uroboros | 20 Oroboros)
The first milestone for the ecosystem is a key that creates an allowlist & a token used to receive exclusive benefits that will begin to be unlocked in STAGE 2.


•  2,500 NFT collection of 1/1 photographs that depict/portray characters and places that were discovered during the research and location scouting process in the communes of Medellín, Colombia.
•  The collection of certain NFTs that share metadata of potential characters of the film will unlock interactive storytelling experiences. So pay close attention to the metadata! 
•  The product for this initial stage will be a completed documentary short of the filmmaking process at the “Development” stage.

2. PreproducciÓn

Final script, production plan, final proposals for all departments, final casting, rehearsals with actors, STAGE  2 funding plan.

•  Launch of collection #3
•  Tokengated fireside chats with the community about the creative process and live broadcasting. 
•  Filmmaking and WEB3 workshops in the Medellin communes featured in “IDIOSINCRASIA”. 
•  Activation of exclusive benefits offered to STAGE 1 Token holders.

3. ProducciÓn

Shooting our film. 

•  Launch of NFT collection #4. 
•  Tokengated live streaming of the production of the film. 
•  Virtual access to the filmmaking process, leveraging a 360 degree camera. 
•  Tokengated fireside chats with the community about the creative process & live broadcasting. 

EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT: Holding a Buscando América NFT will allow you to participate in a raffle. The winners will be able to visit the filming site in person during one scene of the movie.

4. POstproduccÍon

Editing of audio and visual materials of the film 

•  Launch of NFT collection #5. 
•  Benefits/utilities TBD, which may include private screening of uncut film, pre-edition (Virtual or IRL).

5. ExhibiciÓn y DistribuciÓn

Film release/premiere in different media outlets: Festivals, movie theaters, streaming platforms and metaverses. 

•  Benefits/Utilities TBD, which may include access to the official  launch party, festivals and  special events.